The Importance of Vitamin D

Vitamin D doesn’t just build strong bones. It has many roles in your body.

Every cell in your body has its own DNA tracker that tells the cell how to respond to anything that might affect it. The activity of the tracker, a very important job in the body, is triggered by vitamin D.

This is why Vitamin D is important in many of the functions in your body, and affects a great number of various diseases and health conditions, including heart disease.

Vitamin D production in your body through sunlight exposure can affect these physiological systems that also help fight heart disease:

  • increase in your body’s natural anti-inflammatory properties
  • suppress vascular calcification
  • inhibit of vascular smooth muscle growth

Depending on where you live, what time of the year it is, and your skin color—you may be among the many Americans who aren’t getting enough of this essential nutrient.

Scientists have proven through multiple research studies that if you optimize your vitamin D levels it can help maintain a healthy heart:

  • Researchers have found that people with the lowest average vitamin D levels had a 124% bigger risk of dying from all causes and a 378% greater risk of dying from a heart problem.
  • A study in Finland showed that when compared with the participants with the highest vitamin D, those with the lowest levels had a 25 percent higher risk of dying from heart disease or stroke. When only stroke was looked at, the lowest levels had twice the risk as those with the highest.
  • When women take vitamin D supplements, they lower their risk of death from heart disease by one-third.

Being Vitamin D deficient leads to increased risks for heart disease – risks that could be avoided simply by optimizing vitamin D. If you can’t get enough Vitamin D in your diet or your doctor is telling you that you are low or deficient in Vitamin D, you may want to consider a natural supplement.

Vitamin-D3 is clinically proven to be the most potent form of vitamin D. You can take a vitamin D3 supplement in combination with your multi-vitamin or nutrition foundation program.

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