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Now available: Shaklee Earth Day Healthy Home Pack

It's $61 worth of Shaklee products for only $30.00 PLUS it qualifies you for a FREE Shaklee membership that will give you 15% off all future orders as well (this is an $81 value and an excellent way to introduce you to the Shaklee brand of products).*

Read on to learn how you can benefit.

For the Shaklee Family, every day is Earth Day.
But this is a great time of year to show you how easy - and thrifty - it can be to make a difference for yourself, for your family, and for the planet.

One healthier home at a time.

Did you ever think about the number of bottles of cleaning products that end up in landfills? Or how about the cost to manufacture these bottles and ship them all over the country?

Most of the contents of cleaning products is good, old fashioned water! Why ship the weight of water all over when you can add your own water to green, concentrated cleaner in a re-useable spray bottle?

This is also a way for you to use non-toxic, chemical-free cleaning concentrate. For every 16oz bottle of Shaklee's non-toxic, biodegradable Basic H2, used as a window cleaner, one family can keep the equivalent of 5,000 bottles of conventional 'ready-to-use' glass cleaner like Windex out of landfills.

And, in addition to helping keep our planet cleaner, by purchasing and using a 16 oz bottle of concentrated Basic H2, along with 2 spray bottles, you can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars from your family's budget.

Here's how:

Window Cleaner - at less than .01 cent per 16 oz bottle, you can save thousands of dollars when you mix your own window cleaner.

All-Purpose Cleaner - at about .03 cents per 16 oz bottle, you will save hundreds of dollars when you mix your own all-purpose cleaner.

In honor of Earth Day, Shaklee has some very special offers happening right now that can give you more incentive to think green and save green ($$):

1) Join Free with a $30 order*. A Shaklee membership, that entitles you to 15% off all products, is normally priced at $19.95. *Now and until May 20, 2011, that membership fee will be waived when you order a new membership with a $30 order.

2) In honor of Earth Day, beginning April 22, 2011, and as a special promotion with the Farmville community from Facebook, Shaklee has introduced an Earth Day Healthy Home Pack for you to use as your qualifying order. Just call 1-800-SHAKLEE and ask for Product Number 59729 and you can order this package (details below) and get a FREE membership along with it!

This is a great incentive because the value of the products in this package exceed the regular price if purchased separately. Also, this is a great assortment of products to introduce you to the Shaklee family of safe, pure, high quality and very unique and effective products that are 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Here's what's in the package:
  • Basic H2 (16 oz) - the super concentrated cleaner for 100+ household jobs
  • Two Spray Bottles - to mix Basic H (very small amounts + water)
  • Get Clean Super Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (awesome to use)
  • Get Clean Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate (very gentle on your hands as it cleans)
  • Get Clean Fresh Laundry Concentrate (32 oz) (also a great spot remover)
  • Shaklee Energy™ Chews (get that extra energy you need to Spring Clean!!)

*Limited Time Offer. Beginning April 22, 2011, look for: Earth Day Healthy Home Pack

Farmville & Shaklee Team Up for Healthy Homes

Are you familiar with Farmville? Don't worry if you are not - I have an exciting announcement below that is for everyone (we can just thank Farmville for helping us save money and get extraordinary products to use in our homes!)

Farmville is the second most popular online game on Facebook, with an estimated 35 million people playing every day. Now Shaklee is furthering our mission of making people and the planet healthier by introducing Shaklee Healthy Homes to the Farmville community.

A special Farmville edition of our Healthy Home Pack will be offered to all Farmville members. This special assortment of products is being offered at an amazing low price, and combined with an existing Shaklee offer of free membership with a $30 product order - so the $19.95 membership fee is waived for additional savings.

All new Shaklee members joining under this offer will also enjoy 15% off any future order they place as part of their membership benefits.

The Healthy Home Pack is being offered to Farmville members in May for only $30 (a significant savings from regular member prices) - and is detailed here:

  • Basic H2 (16 oz) - the super concentrated cleaner for 100+ household jobs
  • Two Spray Bottles - to mix Basic H (very small amounts + water)
  • Get Clean Super Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (awesome to use)
  • Get Clean Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate (very gentle on your hands as it cleans)
  • Get Clean Fresh Laundry Concentrate (32 oz) (also a great spot remover)
  • Shaklee Energy™ Chews (get that extra energy you need to Spring Clean!!)
I am excited to announce that I can offer this same package to everyone, beginning April 22*, 2011. So you don't have to be a Farmville participant, or even be familiar with what Farmville is!

To learn more about these individual products, visit our order website: Get Clean

Also attached is a green cleaning sheet for Shaklee's Basic H2, a safe, super-concentrated, green, biodegradable, very effective multi-purpose cleaner that will help you tackle many cleaning jobs in your home. Basic H2 is a surfactant so that it penterates the dirt, getting under it and lifting it off of the surface.

Basic H2 is gentle enough to bathe in (it's not promoted that way but people use it to clean themselves because it has the same pH as your skin) and yet cuts through grease better than any product I have ever used!

Some of the interesting uses of Basic H2 include using it as an invisible glove when you are using products like paint or anything else that you don't want to stay all over your hands. Rub full strength Basic H2 on your hands, complete the job and simply wash your hands.

Washing fruits and vegetables with a teaspoon of Basic H2 added to one of your 16 oz spray bottles gets these foods clean and ready to eat in a very economical and easy way (I have seen small bottles, approximately 8 oz, of fruit and vegetable cleaner in the grocery store for $4.99 and it probably costs a quarter to mix 16 oz Basic H2).

Here's the link to 30 uses for Basic H2: Green Clean Your Home Without Toxins and Chemicals You and Your Family Don't Need.


Exercise for Your Heart

February is National Heart Month and so there's lots in the news lately about eating healthy. We know that our diets have a huge impact on the state of our health. With the rise in overweight and obesity rates we have been hearing more about diet AND exercise the past few years.

How about exercise? How important is it for us to exercise on a regular basis?

Actually, we can talk a long time about the benefits of exercise. Let's quickly review some really interesting new information from a brand new study that pretty much says it all.

Published in a January 18, 2011 issue of the Journal of American College of Cardiology, this study found that spending too much leisure time in front of a TV or computer screen appears to dramatically increase the risk for heart disease and premature death from any cause. Perhaps, regardless of how much exercise you get.

Uh oh. Does that sound like you?

Data from that study showed that compared to people who spend less than 2 hours each day on screen based entertainment like watching TV, using the computer or playing video games, those who devote more than four hours a day to these activities are more than twice as likely to have a major cardiac event that involves hospitalization, death, or both.

And these associations were independent of traditional risk factors such as smoking, hypertension, BMI, social class, or exercise.

So, basically, what this means is that you just can’t spend half an hour at the gym or take a walk and then come home and sit in front of the computer or TV the rest of the day. You really need to take that fit walk or do that work out at the gym, of course, but then, continue to be as active as you possibly can throughout the day.

And realistically, we know that many of us do sit at computers for more than an hour or two everyday. So this study really, really enforces the importance of taking breaks and trying to be as active as possible. Take a walk, up a few flight to stairs, park your car, a block or two from your destination, go bike riding on the weekend, and be sure you walk your dog everyday, or borrow your neighbour's dog if you don’t have one. In other words, move more.

Your takeaway for National Heart Month: focus on eating a healthy diet AND get regular exercise. Together, they both lower heart disease risk. And if you do sit a lot during the day, get up and move around a few times in addition to your exercise time each day.

If you need to lose weight, focusing on losing just 10 lbs at a time makes your goal more achievable! There's a Just 10 campaign going on across America today. It's sponsors include Dr. Oz and Shaklee. To learn more about Just 10 and how Cinch can help you tackle those pounds, visit:

Just 10 Pounds

Cinch FREE offer


Fish oil Pregnancy, Kids, Adults: Omega 3 Fatty Acids are Better Health for Everyone

The benefits of fish oil for pregnancy, pure DHA for kids - associated with behavior and learning - and omega-3 fatty acids for heart or joint health for adults are now part of our lives and working well for people.

If you read about health, watch health segments on television or listen on the radio, you have heard about omega 3 fatty acids or fish oil. If not, be sure to click on the link below and hear what Dr. Oz has to say because he will 'catch you up'!

The television segment that Dr. Oz did on omega fatty acids was excellent. Most doctors talk about treating illness and disease, although lately more of them are talking about fish oil for building better health. I follow Dr. Oz because he really hits us hard with prevention and taking fish oil is something very good that we can do for ourselves.

I have heard for years about the omega-3 and omega-6 imbalance in our bodies. This is due to the foods that we eat and is important because it can also determine how we feel and the state of our health. Omega-6 fats contribute to inflammation that can result in anything from arthritis to heart disease and many other diseases.

Omega-3 fatty acids help reduce inflammation in our bodies. Fish oil can make our joints feel better and a whole lot more. Dr. Oz says that we can't get too much Omega-3's and we don't need to worry about getting any more omega-6 fats because our food provides more than enough of those. We want our body's ratio to be no more than 2 to 1, omega-6 to omega-3 (1 to 1 is even better) and we will feel the difference.

The problem with getting enough omega-3 fatty acids every day is that most of us don't eat enough fish every day and other sources of food can increase our calories too much if we eat in excess. That would be true for walnuts. I love walnuts but my weight goals might be in trouble if I ate walnuts all day long!

In order to get a good supply of fish oil every day, most of us need to supplement. Fish oil when consumed in supplement form is something easy that we can do every day. Leave that bottle of fish oil out on your counter. Don't miss your daily serving and within a short time I would be surprised if you tell me anything other than you feel enough of a difference that you will stay faithful!

It is important to find a high quality fish oil brand because there are different grades of fish oil and the manufacturing process differs from brand to brand. Since food supplements are not regulated, it is essential to find a brand you trust and that uses pure, quality ingredients.

What you put in your body will determine what you get back in terms of health. Another issue is the odor. People have been turned off to supplements that leave a strong fish odor in your mouth. Finding a better source of fish oil is a solution to this problem as well.

EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids are well studied for helping reduce heart disease, helping retain normal blood pressure, and supporting healthy joint function, vision and brain.

Here is the link to the Dr. Oz show on omega fatty acids. You will open to the video of the first part. Under that video are links to the other 3 sections - there are 4 short videos. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Dr. Oz: Know Your Omega Fatty Acids

To learn more about a pharmaceutical grade fish oil, made with a proprietary distillation process that removes mercury, lead and other harmful compounds while keeping seven naturally occurring omega-3 fatty acids, visit: : Omega 3 Fatty Acids are Better Health for Everyone.

Free Leucine to Keep Your Muscle That Helps You Burn Fat and Lose Weight

It is a fact that most people do not stick to diets. We have good intentions but it is hard to stick to them. There are constantly new diets being introduced and we think the next new diet will be the one that 'will work'.

There is a problem with starting and stopping all these diets. When you stop the diet because it either isn't working for you or you can't be consistent with it, you go back to your normal level of calories consumed. In the meantime, you have lost muscle along with the fat you (hopefully) lost. Along with that lost muscle, you lost the ability to burn calories efficiently because muscle burns fat for all of us.

So now, when you start eating more again, the extra calories turn more easily into fat. The body now has even more fat than before - and less muscle than before. People who have gone on repeated diets are in a cycle of losing muscle and gaining and re-gaining fat.

A pound of fat burns only 2 calories per day. So if you are 20 lbs (of fat) overweight, and you multiply 2 by 20, you are only burning 40 calories per day. If that extra weight were muscle, it would burn 50 calories per pound and result in 1000 calories.

A person damages their metabolism with this kind of yo-yo dieting, making it almost impossible to lose weight.

Now that you understand more about the connection between muscle and weight loss, there is something that can help. Weight loss and weight management programs with amino acids called leucine help the body build and repair muscle tissue and burn fat!

Leucine is the amino acid that signals your body to preserve muscle during weight loss. We say that 'Cinch is Powered by Leucine' because it helps you keep your muscle so you lose your fat.

When you use a leucine powered weight loss/management program, you can actually keep 100% of your important muscle mass - a healthier option because it is your muscle that burns your fat and improves your metabolism. This means the weight you lose is all FAT!

Some athletes take leucine because it initiates protein synthesis in the muscles for muscle building. In weight loss, this muscle building counteracts muscle breakdown that happens when you eat fewer calories (when you are on a diet).

Consuming leucine can be as easy as having a protein shake every day for breakfast, and if you need to lose significant weight it can be two meals for you each day. Eating snack bars or meal bars with leucine in place of other foods that are higher in calories or don't have the nutrition you need when you are trying to cut calories and lose weight are easy options. Sipping on tea that gives you energy and helps you get from one meal to the next without snacking is a Cinch!

If you need to lose some weight and have been thinking about trying Shaklee products, we have a special gift for you that has never been offered!

New Shaklee members can get free Cinch products powered by Leucine during January, 2011.

Anyone who signs up as a new Member or Distributor (with a minimum $70 order) or as a new GOLD Ambassador with the purchase of a GOLD or Super GOLD Mission PAK will get a Cinch Sampler Pack at no additional cost.*

The Sampler Pack includes:
1 canister of Vanilla Cinch® Shake Mix (soy protein blend)
1 box of Cinch® Snack Bars, Peanut Butter Crunch flavor
1 box of Cinch® Energy Tea Mix, Pomegranate flavor
1 Cinch Program Guide
1 Cinch Pedometer - (while supplies last) - three months of introductory membership. (You are not required to keep this membership. You will need to cancel the membership after the third month if you don't want charges to apply in fourth and subsequent months. You will still be a Shaklee member with a 15% discount on all future product orders.)
This is a $86.60 product value.

To become a Shaklee member, order products at and choose to become a Shaklee member once you checkout with a $70 qualifiying order. You will automatically get the Cinch Sampler Pack sent with your order.

*Limited-time offer, ends Jan. 31, 2011