Farmville & Shaklee Team Up for Healthy Homes

Are you familiar with Farmville? Don't worry if you are not - I have an exciting announcement below that is for everyone (we can just thank Farmville for helping us save money and get extraordinary products to use in our homes!)

Farmville is the second most popular online game on Facebook, with an estimated 35 million people playing every day. Now Shaklee is furthering our mission of making people and the planet healthier by introducing Shaklee Healthy Homes to the Farmville community.

A special Farmville edition of our Healthy Home Pack will be offered to all Farmville members. This special assortment of products is being offered at an amazing low price, and combined with an existing Shaklee offer of free membership with a $30 product order - so the $19.95 membership fee is waived for additional savings.

All new Shaklee members joining under this offer will also enjoy 15% off any future order they place as part of their membership benefits.

The Healthy Home Pack is being offered to Farmville members in May for only $30 (a significant savings from regular member prices) - and is detailed here:

  • Basic H2 (16 oz) - the super concentrated cleaner for 100+ household jobs
  • Two Spray Bottles - to mix Basic H (very small amounts + water)
  • Get Clean Super Microfiber Cleaning Cloths (awesome to use)
  • Get Clean Dish Wash Liquid Concentrate (very gentle on your hands as it cleans)
  • Get Clean Fresh Laundry Concentrate (32 oz) (also a great spot remover)
  • Shaklee Energy™ Chews (get that extra energy you need to Spring Clean!!)
I am excited to announce that I can offer this same package to everyone, beginning April 22*, 2011. So you don't have to be a Farmville participant, or even be familiar with what Farmville is!

To learn more about these individual products, visit our order website: Get Clean

Also attached is a green cleaning sheet for Shaklee's Basic H2, a safe, super-concentrated, green, biodegradable, very effective multi-purpose cleaner that will help you tackle many cleaning jobs in your home. Basic H2 is a surfactant so that it penterates the dirt, getting under it and lifting it off of the surface.

Basic H2 is gentle enough to bathe in (it's not promoted that way but people use it to clean themselves because it has the same pH as your skin) and yet cuts through grease better than any product I have ever used!

Some of the interesting uses of Basic H2 include using it as an invisible glove when you are using products like paint or anything else that you don't want to stay all over your hands. Rub full strength Basic H2 on your hands, complete the job and simply wash your hands.

Washing fruits and vegetables with a teaspoon of Basic H2 added to one of your 16 oz spray bottles gets these foods clean and ready to eat in a very economical and easy way (I have seen small bottles, approximately 8 oz, of fruit and vegetable cleaner in the grocery store for $4.99 and it probably costs a quarter to mix 16 oz Basic H2).

Here's the link to 30 uses for Basic H2: Green Clean Your Home Without Toxins and Chemicals You and Your Family Don't Need.

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