Healthy Weight Loss One Way to Prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease that involves elevated glucose or blood sugar levels because there is not enough insulin production in the pancreas or there is insulin resistance in your body's cells. Diabetes is thought to be caused by obesity, possibly by an unhealthy diet. High blood sugar levels are damaging to your cells and can produce short and long term health problems.

Pre-diabetes is a condition where your blood glucose levels are higher than normal but not so high as to be classified diabetic. If you are pre-diabetic you are at risk to develop type 2 diabetes (adult onset diabetes), heart disease and stroke. Being overweight and physically inactive are associated with both diabetes and pre-diabetes.

The good news is that both of these blood sugar conditions can be prevented. There has been extensive scientific research and studies to measure risk for diabetes and how prevention can affect the development of diabetes. When you lose weight and increase your physical activity level you can prevent or delay diabetes, and help your blood sugar levels return to normal range.

A large, three-year prevention study, the Diabetes Prevention Program, showed that losing 5 to 10% of participants' initial body weight reduced the risk of developing diabetes by 58%. For people aged 60 and over the reduction was even higher at 71%.

When you get to a healthy weight level you also have a better chance of preventing other illnesses and disease that are associated with being overweight or obese, such as arthritis, heart disease, stroke and cancer. In addition you will increase your energy levels and have a better quality of life.

To learn more about healthy weight loss, here is an audio presentation that offers some great information and hopefully some motivation for you if getting to a healthier weight has been a challenge:

Healthy Weight Loss

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