Nutrition For Circulation

Are you confused about using natural herbs? There are quite a few and they can help with many different health challenges. We are going to break that down for you with a new series of articles about herbs.

Would you rather add life to your years, rather than simply years to your life? Herbs have been used for many years to help people do just that!

Some herbs are great for daily use and others are used for special occasions or for special people. Some you should not take at all if there can be an interaction with a health condition you may have or a medication you are taking.

Herb for Circulation

The first herbs we will feature are for circulation. One thing you will find as we go forward is that we usually talk about a group of herbs together. That's because Shaklee (almost) always has more than one herb together in a single product.

Shaklee uses their scientists and research teams to find herbs that complement each other so that when used together in your body, you get better results.

Is there any bodily process more important to life than circulation? Think about it: proper function of respiration, circulation, metabolism, and elimination all depend on proper blood flow throughout the body. Your brain represents just 2% of your body's weight and yet it can require up to 20% of the nutrients you consume.

Studies show that there is a 70% decrease in blood flow in the body between the ages of 50 and 70 years. Herbs that can help circulation, and in turn, all of these body processes can make a difference in your quality of life.

Help for Poor Circulation

Shaklee Mental Acuity Plus is a Shaklee herbal formula that helps improve circulation to the brain. There are five different herbs plus some supporting b vitamins in the formula.

Ginko (biloba) is the main ingredient. According to the the German Commission E (an internationally recognized authority on natural products and herbal remedies), Ginko is approved for 3 primary clinical conditions:
  1. memory deficit (disturbances in concentration, depressive emotional condition, dizziness, tinnitus (ringing in the ear) and headache)
  2. improvement of distance and pain-free walking in peripheral artery disease, and
  3. vertigo (dizziness)

Ginko can help with hearing loss due to the increased circulation to the nerves that are critical to hearing. There are no known side effects or any known interactions with medications - that's good since pretty much anyone should be able to take it and important to know because as people age they start taking various medications and look for herbs that won't interact with their meds.

To support Ginko, Shaklee chose 4 complimentary herbs:

  1. Hawthorn since it acts as a cardio tonic, cardio protective agent for prevention of heart disease, can help lower blood pressure and prevent atherosclerosis (buildup of fat in the arteries that compromises blood flow to the brain)
  2. Bilberry for its history in helping primarily with the eyes (can help improve night vision, catarcats, glaucoma, retinopathy and circulatory disorders in the eye)
  3. Gotu Kola that is effective for improved memory, overcoming stress and fatigue, overcoming a feeling of heaviness in the lower limbs, night cramps and spider veins. Gotu Kola is a favorite snack of elephants and we all know that elephants live forever
  4. Rosemary for its antioxidant properties - it has more than a dozen antioxidants. Rosemary has value in preventing alzheimers, and has such a reputation for improving memory that it is known as the 'herb of remembrance'

There is one last component of Mental Acuity Plus: B vitamins to help promote the formation of healthy red blood cells that will more efficiently carry nutrients throughout your improved circulatory system!

To learn more about an exclusive formula of herbs and nutrients that can be help for poor circulation, visit: Nutrition for Circulation.