Can Resveratrol Help Us Live Healthier and Longer?

Guest post by Vicki Zerbee

Why do our bodies age? How does a natural substance like resveratrol help keep us younger? First, it is our cells that age, not specifically our bodies. Hold that thought and we will look at that in a minute. We grow older because of a combination of factors, including 1) genetics, 2) lifestyle, 3) environment, 4) stress, 5) hormones, and 6) immune system, and 7) inflammation.

To break that down, genetics is only one influence of aging. Currently, lifestyle choices including what we eat, how much stress is in our lives, if we smoke, drink excessively, get too much sun, and our exposure to toxins, chemicals viruses and bacteria, influence aging at a greater rate. These factors in turn affect hormones, immune systems and inflammation in our bodies.

Hormones can create havoc and cause one person to age faster than another. Are you tired all of the time? Do you feel lousy or just out of balance? Do you get sick too much? Are you having problems with your heart, cholesterol, or your bones? Is your skin sagging or looking too old for your age? Are you forgetting things? Do you have weight issues that you can’t control? Hormones have been related to all of the above, and they in turn to our cells’ aging. The good news is that we can balance our hormones and that can help keep us younger.

The immune system is very powerful when it is strong because it is constantly fighting invaders to our cells, and we aren’t sick as often as someone who has a weak immune system. Unfortunately, mental stress, poor diet choices, and other lifestyle factors can weaken our immune systems so that they can’t fight off the diseases of aging. The good news is that we can enhance our immune systems so they can fight the diseases of aging.

Inflammation can be equally destructive to our cells and our bodies. Inflammation is a good thing when it protects us from infection. For example, if we get cut with an object that might produce an infection, the inflammation that responds, in combination with our immune system fighting off the infection, is good. However, we can also have inflammation when there is no invader, and at those times it is our own bodies that are hurt. Inflammation is connected to and can predict many of the diseases of aging like heart attacks, heart failure, diabetes, Alzheimers, and even cancer. Scientists have known for a long time that inflammation increases with age. The good news is that research has found ways to control inflammation in the cells which can help us live longer and healthier.

All of these causes of aging are happening at the cellular level, so it is the cells within our bodies that age and make us not only get old but get sick. If we can find a way to help our cells repair themselves, survive longer and even prevent cell death, we will live longer. We will also live healthier which makes a lot more sense that simply growing older.

Scientists have been studying aging and natural ingredients that can trigger the aging process in our bodies for many years. Resveratrol, a natural substance found in grape skins and red wine, is a revolutionary discovery that can work directly on our cells, triggering the aging gene in each one of us. Finding a way to make a natural resveratrol supplement in a formula that can impact aging, and be safe and affordable for all, has been a challenge that has recently been solved. Pharmaceutical grade resveratrol supplements are a choice that we have to help keep our cells healthy and give us quality of life in terms of feeling younger, having more strength and endurance, and fighting disease.

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